TECH & TRANSPORT: How tech startups are aiding mobility in Lagos

Lagos is the most populated city in Africa and one of the most congested in the world. The huge population relies heavily on the limited transportation infrastructure of Lagos, commuters spend at least 3 hours in traffic each day. Both the public and private sectors are invested in finding new ways to ensure the free flow of traffic within the metropolis. The use of technology in addressing mobility challenges is gaining more momentum and this article seeks to highlight some tech startups in Lagos are developing innovative ways to tackle these challenges.

Plentywaka — Plentywaka is an app that makes the intercity travel plan process better for Lagos residents. The app allows commuters to book bus tickets from the comfort of their homes or workplace and enjoy in-city rides. Their business model involves partnering with different bus transportation companies and providing an array of bus ticket options to users through the on-boarded bus transportation companies on their app.

ASKLARA — ASKLARA is an automated directions assistant for residents of Lagos. It is a web app that gives users directions to their destinations, the estimated duration of their journey as well as the estimated cost. Users have to type in their destination and location or use the location feature on their devices. The app then generates the direction and also provides an alternate route option. You can also share directions on social media platforms.

Shuttlers — is a tech startup that provides share rides in corporate buses for professionals to and from work in Lagos. Users can book a ride through their app, track buses in real-time and check in when it gets to them. They also have a project called SHE-MOVES which provides female professionals with an opportunity for self-development while on commute to work, by providing online courses, peer-to-peer professional courses, and mentors they might be interested in.

Cowry — The public sector is also embracing the use of technology in its transport system. The Lagos state government has initiated a payment card called Cowry to be used to access transport services in Lagos State. This Cowry card is preloaded with money and users can just tap in with their card at the point of entry for instant deductions when commuting with the Lagos rapid bus transit (BRT). The use of cowry cards will also be extended to other transport services such as rail and water transportation in 2022.

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